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How Students Understand the Full Picture

How can students understand the full picture of their growth? Abre’s Student360 ties everything involving a student together and solves the problem of fragmentation and siloed data surrounding them. This year we’re excited to offer the Student360 to students!


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The Abre Class Playbook

The Abre Class App provides teachers and students with a simplified learning management system (LMS). Teachers, admins, students and family members can easily stay on the same page.

The Behavior App Playbook

Abre’s Behavior App provides schools and districts with a means to replace the often misplaced paper referral forms with a digital and automated workflow.

The Back-to-School Playbook

Back to school is simple with Abre. This playbook covers some of the steps for starting a new school year.

Student Success Playbook

Abre's Student Success Solution follows the framework defined by a "Portrait of a Graduate". We give you a clear, accurate picture of students’ progress toward achieving graduation readiness standards, over the course of their whole academic career.

The Family Access Playbook

Abre enhances family partnerships by giving family members one website to access important information about their student(s) and providing helpful resources both in and outside the school.

The Graduation Plan Playbook (Ohio Edition)

Ohio students are required to create and maintain a graduation plan that takes into account the various pathways towards graduation. This playbook demonstrates how schools can use Abre for their student graduation plans.